Divination: History and Techniques in Africa and the Americas

Divination: History and Techniques in Africa and the Americas, with Eoghan Ballard - FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful show on Native American Contributions to Hoodoo. It only touched the surfaced and the tribal connections by Black Americans to the Indigenous in North America is much more than Cherokee, Shawnee band Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Powhattan, LRnape, LaKota, Wamponoag, and all over the eastern seaboard to mid northern plains area and throughout the south...
There are many tribes connected to Black Americans from long ago. Basically the majority of Black Americans are Indigenous at lest 85% in their families here in the USA. This confirms the facts about Black Presence in Ancient America
many of us are indigenous to this land mass and history entails much more than the middle passage into slavery snf do forth.
Cherokee just happens to be one of the most popular.
A very interesting and important topic to speak on.
I enjoyed this interview.

Wado/Wopila (Thanks)
Teenie LilBear