Live Session: Breakup & Vindication Work

He left her when their baby was five weeks old. He even said he loved her on the day he left. So, why is he so evil? Is vindication work called for, should she reconcile with him? Listen as cat yronwode and Dr. Kioni unravel a complicated relationship maze and offer hoodoo remedies that will shock you!


Anonymous said...

Weird coincidence:
I multi-task (Mars in gemini/ADD etc...)
and I was surfing the net while listening to this.
I went to a site that I go to from time to time to get my daily dose of dark humor, and I came upon an article about a guy who tortured and killed his girlfriend in CA.
A sociopath like the guy in this podcast, just further along in his depravity.

Anonymous said...

Awesome new format, and I like the four card spread, ie that outcome is differentiated from 'future' :)