Live Session: Hexed and Cursed

Our guest is Bernard. Bernard is a professional counselor and feels he is under attack from coworkers. From strange physical manifestations to cracking crystals, the negative energy just won't cease. Can Bernard be helped? Has he been hot footed and rooted? Tune in to listen as Dr. Christos Kioni and cat yronwode combine their hoodoo expertise on this weird case.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff on this one.
I strongly suspect I've been jinxed hexed or effectively mwished evil.

Up untill now, it seems as if I had been tied with weights on the wheel of fortune, so that when I had begun to climb upward, I had swung back down. BUT, I open to the possibility that with spell work and the VERY USEFUL(!!!) knowledge shared on this program, I will be able to throw off those weights and rotate on the upswing. Thanks very much guys, your karmic point score is going way and way up!

GOLDFINGA888 said...

WOW! Thank you very, very much for this live session. This has helped me tremendously to confirm that I am facing a similar situation; me, being the 'target' from whom I suspect are various people (envy, jealousy, etc.).
At least I am a little 'clearer' on how to go about reversing the situation, reclaiming my good fortune and protecting myself, and my family.
Peace and love to you all.