African American Christianity and Hoodoo

The Luckymojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour
African American Christianity and Hoodoo

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Jimmy Rae said...

Very good show! Everyone had lots to share. I would have loved to hear DrK "Preach", I'll bet he was great!
Jimmy Rae
"This too shall pass, Just remember who you are"

redwoodmooney said...

This was a VERY enlightening show, especially for a Pagan woman like me. I have a KJV Bible at home, and it includes the Apocrypha. (I don't like my books abridged **smile**) There are some interesting verses I've read in those "lost" books--verses on the power of women, a lost part of Daniel that recorded the prayers that the "Three Children" sang as they were led into the furnace--that look to me to be of great use for rootwork. I have to say that your saying that everyone can use the Bible, whether or not they practice Christianity, was comforting. I reminded myself that lots of people use Hindu mantras or Buddhist mantras for practical means (job getting, romance, etc.) w/o the person ever intending to practice Hinduism or Buddhism, so people using the Bible in the same vein sounds sensible.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know that prayer, I heard a longer version:

Matthew Mark Luke and John
Bless this bed I lay upon
4 post around my bed
4 angles around my head
1 to watch and
1 to pray and
2 to bear my soul away.