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Jimmy Rae said...

Great Show, I just wish Mr. Ballard would have stayed on topic with his numerous interruptions and let Cat tell/finish her great & most interesting stories. This is about Hoodoo, Not Candomble or Santeria. I enjoy Mr. Ballard on other shows but this one would have been better without interruptions. I would love to hear DrK, Cat & Nagashiva redo this subject again alone. There was much that was left unspoken due to interruptions, No diss to anyone, especially Mr. Ballard who is a wise teacher in his own right, but this was not his forte unless one was into a "diaspora religion", not hoodoo since we all know hoodoo is NOT a religion, Diaspora or otherwise. I'd also like to hear a bit more from Cat's husband, Nagashiva Yronwode - who is always right on topic but seems too polite and quiet to desire to interrupt. Blessings, Jimmy Rae

Anonymous said...

I didn't like what cat said calling African American nergos were did that come from?