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The Luckymojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour
Congo Magic

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Anonymous said...

i like the show but the lady in talk show, talks way too much and doesnt let anyone speak, she may have something to say but please let others speak or have someone else take over. this seems to be all the radio broadcast, sorry but im honest

Dr. Kioni said...

Actually your statement is not honest because you chose to hide your identity.

Anonymous said...

again,...i could listen to you guys ALLLLLL DAY,....i miss lousiana so much, and New york is so not like my southern home.I know tneither of you are in Lousina, but both of you have that "southern Flavor" and the topic, well its a topic im so familiar with. keep up the great work!!!!!! and thanks so much for making my work day a learning, and enjoyable and experience

Oluremi said...


You are doing a wonderful job Dr. Kioni.