LMHRH - 061808 How to Get Men to Give You Money

Our guest is Tiffany from Miami. Tiffany's case: A single mother seeking to empower herself. She wants to know how to get a paramour that will assist her without becoming attached to her. She has several successful men lined up but wonders how to get them to finance her dreams. Is this possible? Tune in to hear what Dr. Kioni and Cat Yronwode have to say about how to keep a man giving you money and opportunities!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Kioni,
not about this one, but the one you did after this, the one about guy's using Hoodoo to get high quality women ( the mirror image of this one).

Are you ever going to be able to post it, or should I and all the other men hoping to use Hoodoo to improve their love life just move on :-( ?