LMHRH - 062508 Having a Safe Pregnancy & Delivery

Please join The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Radio Hour. Our guest is Phoenix Terranova from Northern California. Phoenix's case: She is expecting a baby and would like to know what to do. She wants to know how to use hoodoo to insure a safe pregnancy, a healthy baby and a peaceful loving home. Tune in to hear what Dr. Kioni and Cat Yronwode have to say about "birthin" babies into a happy home!

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Nicholle Frazier said...

I enjoyed this show, I just got my computer back after 2 years, so i've missed a lot. But I am 9 months pregnant, and this information was very informative. I am planning a home birth, and want everything to go smothly. I was told by doctors at 4 months I would not carry to term, but have made it to 37 weeks. They wanted to do all sorts of stitches in my cervix, but I refused, because God said to me that there were other plans for me and my baby. I already have 3 children, this will be my fourth and I want to have 2 more, maybe! Thank you for all of your show about pregnancy and birth, I know a few things in other categories, but not this one, and since I didn't anticipate on having another child, it never crossed my mind. Look forward to future shows! GOD BLESS!